Museum Meetings with Photography – An international Competition for children and young peopley

Poland's Minister for Culture
Poland's Minister for Education
The Museum of Koszalin
The Town Office of Koszalin
The Teachers' Training Centre in Koszalin

Purpose of the contest
1. The broad inclusion of museums into the school curriculum.
2. The foundation of a desire in children and young people to visit and have knowledge about museums.
3. The development of interests, aesthetic sensitivity and individual creative abilities in children and young people.
4. A presentation of the younger generations' creative take on museums.

Terms of participation
1. Participants must be under the age of twenty and in attendance at a comprehensive/secondary school or lycée.
2. Participation is open to those students who, during a visit to a museum, took pictures of museum exhibitions or parts of them (single exhibits, sets of historical exhibits; museum background, scientific laboratories, preservation work, and so on), or of the museums themselves, their architecture, their surroundings, as well as open-air museum exhibits.
3. The contest is also open to children and young people who would present their museum visit (a museum lesson, classes in a museum photo-laboratory, an excursion to a museum ethnographic park) in the form of a report, photo-essay or photo-column.
4. It is essential to obtain permission for any pictures taken at museums.
5. Each author is entitled to send 5 of his/her own pictures.
6. The minimum size of black and white or colour photographs is 20 x 30 cm.
7. The contest entries should not be framed or glued to anything.
8. It is recommended that participants send their work through the schools, institutions or organisations facilitating participation in the contest. (All parcels should be carefully packaged.)
9. On the reverse of each photograph the following information should be written: the participant's name, surname and age; the title of the piece; the name and address of the school, photo-club or organisation; the name and surname of the teacher; as well as the reference MSzF 2018.
10. Photographs should be accompanied by a clearly filled-in entry form. This form can be found at:
11. Digital photographs should be sent together with their electronic copies saved in the original size and resolution in JPG or TIF.
12. Students who have prepared a multimedia collection of photographs (photocast) connected to museum issues can take part in the competition, too.
13. Each author can send one photocast made on his/her own.
14. The collection of photographs can include a soundtrack, subtitles, short films, pictures.
15. A photocast display should not be longer than 3 minutes.
16. The display has to be recorded onto CD or DVD in MOV format (compression H.264, recommended resolutions 720 x 576 / 768 x 576, frames per second: 25) or in WMV format (Windows Movie Maker).
17. A photocast made in a language other than Polish or English must be accompanied by subtitles or a spotting list in English.
18. CDs or DVDs with photocasts must have a description on the cover (regulations for the description can be found in section 9).
19. Each collection of photographs must be sent in together with a completely filled in application form „Participant Application - Photocast” that can be found on the webpage:

Judgement of the contest
1. Assessment of the pictures is to done by a jury selected by the organisers.
2. All prize - winners will be informed of the jury's decision.
3. Results of the contest will be published on the museum's Internet page.

1. Organizers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the photographs caused in delivery.
2. Photographs which do not meet the contest regulations (see above) will not be assessed.
3. The jury has the right to pick one or several pictures out of a set.
4. The organisers reserve the right to freely publish the photographs (in the Internet, TV and exhibition posters, as well as in newspapers, catalogues and any other publications advertising the contest).
5. The photographs will become the property of the organisers from the moment of their mailing.
6. Any pieces entered will not be returned.

Contest calendar
1. The closing date for entry is 15th June 2018.
2. Jury assessment will be in progress until 15th July 2018.
3. An announcement of the jury's decision will take place on or before 8th August 2018.
4. The exhibition opening and awards ceremony will take place on 20 September 2018.

Organisers' Office
Dział Oświatowy Muzeum w Koszalinie
ul. Młyńska 37/39
75-420 Koszalin
tel. ++48 94 3432011
fax ++48 94 3431220